I’ve Moved!



I’m not here any more! Although all the content that was here still exists. So do I, even. So really, while it hasn’t all gone anywhere, in the sense that you’ll never, ever see it again… It has gone to another location.


Yup. Over there.

If you were a subscriber to the RSS feed of this site, I’m afraid you will need to resubscribe to the new one. To help you out a bit, I’ll provide a link… Here it is!

Thankfully even if I go and move on you again, with that new RSS feed, you’ll be able to find me wherever I go. Because, if I ever did move to a new site, I can update the details of the subscription from FeedBurner’s settings, and it’ll update for you too!


If you stumbled across here looking for my guides and that’s what yer after, that’s fine too. I can help you out as well! New direct link to the old guides (possibly some new ones too, depending on when you find this thing! Gosh, you might be an internet archaeologist! What’s the future like?) can be found here.

Hope to see you all on the new site soon! Don’t forget to subscribe!


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